Our story

Narp-Training was born from the need of its founder, David Almunia, to create a space where he could carry out his job as a Personal Trainer in the city of Marbella. Having worked for several years in numerous training centers in the Costa del Sol and in the homes of many of his clients, the time had come to take a next step.

In August 2013 the doors of the first Narp-Training Studio opened to the public with a clear goal: To offer a personalized service, in a safe and controlled environment, suitable for all budgets and focused on obtaining the highest physical benefits with the least risk of injury.

Due to the public's warm welcome of the first studio, on February 2016, the second Narp-Training studio opened in San Pedro de Alcántara. Mantaining the same style, Narp-training expanded into two training rooms and a team of five Personal Trainers.

Our team continues to perform with the same commitment as the first day, taking on new challenges and helping those people who are committed to reaching their goals and improving their life.

The acronym NARP stands for "you Need Attitude, Resilience and Passion". When the idea of first studio was born, these were the core values that made it possible to undertake the long journey that lay ahead.